Monto Caravan Park


Monto has many interesting attractions. There is so much to see and do around Monto, you'll want to stay longer!

Monto is on the map as far as Mural Art Trails are concerned. The four grain silos on the A3 as you come into town from the South now tell an imaginative story of the legend that surrounds the name of the regions Three Moon Creek. As there are a few versions, a trip to Monto to find out more is a must.

Celebrated street artists 'The Zookeeper' and 'Drapl' have literally transformed some drab grey walls in Monto Town to amazing works of art. The images on Montos' water tower of 3 local children enjoying water fun play is bursting with fun.

Monto joins the Mural Art Trail
Monto Mural Art Trail

The Historical & Cultural Centre

Located on Flinders Street, next to the caravan park, The Historical & Cultural Centre houses a variety of historic displays, including memorabilia on Monto's Olympic Welterweight representative, an outstanding mineral collection and a 'Rainmaker' mosaic. Art and craft exhibitions are held regularly.

The Historical and Cultural Centre

The Mulgildie Bunyip Statue

This sculpture relates to the many and varied legends of the Bunyip Hole. Aboriginals tell the story of fearsome, booming monsters that inhabit swamps and waterholes. Just 10 minutes from the township of Mulgildie lies the legendry Bunyip Hole, a place of mystery and intrigue.

Bunyip Statue

Coominglah State Forest

Enjoy a bushland drive, a picnic and majestic views, all in the company of colourful native plants, animals and birds. Stretch your legs at the Hurdle Gully Lookout and take in the long view into the valley of Three Moon Creek, across to the Mulgildie Plateau and the Burnett River catchment. The lookout has an interpretive display, picnic tables and a small parking area.

Coominglah State Forest

Cania Gorge National Park

Cania Gorge is the closest park to the coast in which you can see the sandstone landscapes of Central Queensland. Visitors can enjoy an amazing variety of scenery, wildlife and history. From Monto, travel north on the A3. Take the sealed Cania Road that passes through the small settlement of Moonford. Picnic shelters, barbeques, interpretive display, public toilets and car parking are provided at the picnic area. There are many walking tracks in the park ranging from 300 metres to 22 kilometers.

Cania Gorge

Cania Dam

Lake Cania is noted for Saratoga catches. Other species include Bass, Golden Perch(Yellow Belly), Silver Perch, Eel-tailed Catfish, Spangled Perch, Eel and Snub-nosed Garfish. Fishing permits are required all year round. Relax under the shade trees and enjoy a picnic or a barbeque in the landscaped grounds.

Cania Dam

Kalpowar State Forest

Patches of dense rainforest with towering hoop pines remain between open eucalypt and hoop pine plantations. Picnic or camp in a tranquil bush setting beside Crane Creek.

Kalpowar State Forest

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